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October 21, 9:30 pm India; 8 pm Dubai

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Why do we have anxiety?

Let’s be honest. If you’re diagnosed with anxiety, you also have a very high IQ.

So why hasn’t your high IQ been able to solve this puzzling, debilitating condition?

Doctors have confused us. They’ve given us a confusing cocktail of reasons - ALL of which are not satisfactory, right?

  • If chemical imbalance was the problem, then why haven’t medicines of the last 50 years corrected those chemicals?
  • If brain wiring was a problem, how com the brain works absolutely fine in other areas of my life?

  • If my negative thinking was the problem, then how come my negative thoughts don’t stop despite my positive ones?

What has happened in all of this WISHY WASHY, INCONSISTENT advice is that we have wasted a lot of time, and we are no where closer to understanding anxiety.

I would like to change that for you.

By giving you some simple, clear and structured answers.

Who am I?

I’m Namita - an Anxiety Coach who likes to kick anxiety’s butt.

I have helped hundreds of people win their lives back from anxiety, when everything else before them has failed.

The reason I am able to achieve these results for people is because I know anxiety very well. I don’t know it from a textbook or journal. I know it first from years and years of experiencing it myself.

But then things changed for me.

In fact, things changed so drastically that not only did I overcome anxiety and all its types that plagued me for life, but I have now reached the best version of myself.

How did I do this for myself and NOW for hundreds of clients?

By following the SAME model for every type of anxiety trigger.

This model is based on a clinically-proven, scientifically-grounded but HIGHLY COUNTERINTUITIVE framework.

And it is made up of 3 STEPS only.

It can take you 60 seconds if you want.

Don't waste time and energy dealing with one fear at a time, one trigger at a time. No, No, No. The SAME process is happening in ALL kinds of anxiety, and that is what we have to understand ONCE and FOR ALL.

Join me with in this LIVE, FREE online training where I’m going to simplify anxiety using science, sensitivity and common sense.

Here’s what people say about my method:

“I am thankful that God has directed me to you after many years of suffering despite relentless research. You speak my language and it's hilarious." - Lena, United Kingdom

"Just to say, wow!, I found you by accident and it was like an epiphany. Nothing seemed to help... until you. The way you put it across, to think made everything click into place." - Mike, England

"I’m so thankful that I got to talk to Namita about my struggles. She knew exactly how to help me with my thought process—even I can’t understand everything I’m thinking or feeling, but she can." - XV, San Francisco

Register for this free training and see for yourself.

3-steps only. Counterintuitive. Clinically Proven. Here’s what you’ll learn -->

  1. How the anxiety downward spiral REALLY works (yes, there is something we do that is invisible to us and our doctors!)

  2. Why medications have not been and do not need to be included in any kind of anxiety discussion

  3. Why therapy fails us

  4. What to do about our negative thoughts

  5. Three simple steps it all comes down to

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When? Friday, October 21; 9:30 pm India; 8 pm Dubai.

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