It can be terribly confusing, can't it?

One part of you wants, more than anything in the world, to fight your fears, so that you can finally start living your life.

But the second part of you just doesn't care where the first part wants to go. It wants to keep your stuck in your fears, your regrets, your painful past and in a forever compromised life.

Why does this happen to you? And more importantly, how come the fear always wins?

Why can't my mind believe in good things happening for me?



To conquer your anxiety, you have to start taking actions (big or small) to move towards the fears after spending a lifetime avoiding them.

I know you know that.

But doesn’t behavior itself depend on decent, kind and encouraging thoughts you guide you towards it?

Take a simple example.

If I know that getting late to work will be trouble, don’t I need that exact thought to originate and circulate in my head first before I know what it is I have to do - like get out of bed?

In other words, if getting to work on time is my desired goal, don’t I need the thought “you’ll be late if you don’t get out of bed” to guide me towards that goal?

In a very practical sense, don’t we depend on our thoughts to give us an idea about our next (behavioral) steps to reach our ultimate goals?

Now, if my goal is to live an anxiety-free life, don’t I need the right thoughts to guide me towards that goal?

Wouldn’t “Yes, you will conquer your fears and live a good life” have a higher chance of achieving the goal than “No, you cannot face your fears and you have your own history as proof”?

The tragedy is that an anxiety sufferer, you confront a present-moment reality in which your thoughts are not cooperative.

If you suffer from anxiety, your mind – by now - is automatically conditioned to producing one scary thought after another, and they just don’t stop!

If it’s not a ‘scary’ thought, it’s other kinds of distressing.

Critical. Depressing. Dismissive. Humiliating. Creepy.

  • If you suffer from Social Anxiety, you hate the thought that tells you people will know you are a social weirdo. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

  • If you suffer from Generalized Anxiety, you hate the thought that tells you that money/job/relationships troubles are on the way. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

  • If you suffer from Pure-OCD, you hate the thought (image) that shows you as violent, insane or dead. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

  • If you suffer from Performance Anxiety,you hate the thought tells you that you will freeze up when it’s time to perform. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

  • If you suffer from Panic Disorder,you hate the thought tells you that you cannot survive or recover from another next panic attack. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.


If you suffer from (insert any kind of emotional pain), you hate the thought that tells you that this pain will eat you up alive and prevent you from living. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

The force, momentum and speed of these negative thoughts and their ability to multiply into new ones of the SAME terrifying kind is the very process that makes anxiety so unbearable.

It’s the overall experience of having absolutely no control over your mind that makes the sufferer think he’s gone crazy!

"What the heck is one to do with
these NEGATIVE thoughts that
just won’t stop?"



100% of anxiety sufferers do the only two things they think are their options.

They try one, then the other and hope that either will work.

Strategy 1 - I agree with my thoughts and try my best to prevent the danger they predict is coming my way. “Yes, doom is on its way and I’ll do everything it takes to prevent it”.

Strategy 2 – I argue with them. “No, this is not true, I’ll do everything it takes to disprove them”

Unfortunately, both strategies result in behavioral choices that spiral us in a negative direction. Because both are reactions based on taking your thoughts literally.

Each unsuccessful experience in losing to my thoughts becomes yet another blow to my self-esteem and my dreams of conquering anxiety.

My core, deep-rooted belief starts becoming that conquering my fears is impossible; otherwise it would have happened.



Thousands of anxiety sufferers have the exact same story on rinse, wash and repeat.

We've not understood (because no one explained this to us) that...

...In some contexts, using our mind as a problem-solving tool does indeed solve most problems. But when this process is applied in extremes, and particularly to internal contexts, the very same problem-solving techniques of the mind turn on themselves.

What are internal contexts? It's all your undesirable emotional pains, thoughts, emotions, memories, sensations and automatic impulses and urges.

Trying to problem solve them using your mind just does not work, does it? If it did, why would you be here reading this?

But in the absence of understanding the mind correctly, we interpet our failure to remove our internal pain (thoughts) as more reason for more panic and more thus, more pain.

The inability to control our fearful thoughts creates more fearful thoughts, spinning up in an ugly downward loop.

It ends up being a rigged game that is not designed to let us win.

This was my story too.

Just like you, I thought the only reason I have anxiety is because unlike normal, healthy people, I cannot control the negative thoughts that originate, circulate and grow in my mind.

And because I cannot, I am to blame for my anxiety.

And boy oh boy did I have negative thoughts.

Just like you, I tried everything possible to get rid of my fears by getting rid of my thoughts.

My whole identity was based on the content of my mind. Since the content was full of doom, my self-identity was full of doom.

I was not a fool in making such conclusions.

Don’t doctors, gurus and well-meaning friends tell us the exact same thing?

You are your thoughts. Why can’t you think positive instead of negative?

Current therapy models (such as Cognitive Behavior Threapy) also end up paying too much attention to negative thoughts. Therapists teach clients to detect logical errors, search for new evidence, and change emotionally disturbing thoughts.

The message is clear – Your thoughts are the problem. Do something to fix them.

In anxiety, for the time being we can’t.

Until we understand all about this thought business once and for all.


My 1:1 ‘THOUGHT UN-CONTROL’ program gives you the
knowledge, tools and training
to solve your thought problem, once and for all.

This means that the BIGGEST reasons of your anxiety
are no longer holding you back from the life you want to live.

  • Imagine standing up for yourself despite all the thoughts saying you’ll die with people’s disapproval of you (Social Anxiety)

  • Imagine reaching your life's goals despite all the thoughts saying you'll never get over your fear of germs/flying/doctors/water (Phobias, Phobic Disorder, OCD)

  • Imagine taking risks in your career despite all the thoughts saying you’ll fail because you always have (Generalized Anxiety, Depression, OCD)

  • Imagine living with purpose, ambition and respect despite all the thoughts reminding you of the trauma you’ve faced in your life that almost destroyed you (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

  • Imagine going on the freeway, leaving your room, catching that flight, going to the party, facing your bullies despite all the thoughts telling you you’ll have a panic attack and faint if you try (Panic Attacks, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia)

  • Imagine going to college and connecting with your friends despite all the thoughts telling you to check the stove and lock the doors another time (OCD)

  • Imagine chosing the right relationships despite the thoughts that tell you it’s not going to work? (Relationship OCD, Codependency, Generalized Anxiety)

  • Imagine leaving the wrong relationships despite all the thoughts that say you’ll never make it on your own? (Relationship OCD, Codependency, Generalized Anxiety)

  • Imagine waking up with hope and energy despite all the thoughts reminding you about your sadness, fear and depression

Can you imagine this?

Irrespective of the “type” of thoughts you struggle with, that hold you back – can you imagine living your life FULLY and PURPOSEFULLY, from now on?

Despite all your past struggles with anxiety? Despite all your present thoughts telling you it’s impossible to get there?



My program follows a counterintuitive approach to solving your anxiety thoughts. It's based on the principles of letting go of control, being honest, keeping it simple and moving along.

This is counterintuitive.

Most of us have learned that we cannot "move along" until our internal thoughts and emotions are aligned. "If you want to be rich and beautiful, how can you have thoughts about failure and despair?". And so we've been taught that if we want to reach our goals, we have to constantly fight the bad guys and make sure they never, ever win.

The problem is that we have wrongly measured "winning" by the absence of negative emotions. When infact, the negative emotions only ever win when we refuse to allow them the freedom of presence.

It's not wrong to want positivity. But it's terribly counterproductive to insist on eradicating negativity before positivity can enter.

This program shows you how to stop fighting the rigged war against your negative thoughts, and instead walk away from the battlefield into a life directed by your own values.

In the process of shifting your life long beliefs about the role and power your thoughts, you may even find that even if the substance and content of your internal life hasn't changed, YOU have changed.

You are no longer looking at your world as designed by your thoughts. Your world is designed by “you” – something larger than your thoughts.

Your life opens up to possibilities, opportunities, courage, optimism and wisdom, and you find fewer psychological barriers to hold you back from enjoying life.

If you do this program correctly, you will be armored with knowledge, tools, training and personal proof that will influence you for life. Not just for now, while you undergo the program. But even for your journey going forward.

Because life, as we have it, will continue to deliver its ebbs and flows to every single one of us. The difference this time on will be our ability, in fact maybe even our willingless, to participate in it fully and unconditionally. Yes, we can learn how to do it, despite everything we've been through.



  • Regain the lost faith and confidence in your mind and your own ability to handle life
  • Learn what to do and what not to do with your negative thoughts
  • Regulate your emotions and tolerate distress when you're confronted with circumstances you do not wish for
  • Understand, accept and reap the gifts of your own core temperament and innate biology
  • Learn how to work with anxiety's paralyzing symptoms and sensations


  • 1 personalized questionnaire for you to gain clarity on exactly which thoughts your are struggling with and how they influence your moment-to-moment anxiety
  • 1 45-minute session to kick start the program and set your goals for the next 4 weeks
  • 4 weekly 75-minute private sessions in which we will work through the week’s topic to target your specific anxious thoughts and what do about them
  • Articles, scientific research publications and book recommendations to support your anxiety recovery
  • Exercises in mindfulness to practice the very second you have an anxious thought
  • One-page guide that summarizes your training and tools for access the second you need get an anxiety episode




  • You will receive 3 exercises/readings to complete before our first kickoff starting session.
  • You’ll receive a personal online questionnaire asking you to detail your current struggle and pain with your anxious thoughts
  • We will have a 45-minute session to kick start the program, review your anxiety (based on questionnaire) and set your goals for the next 4 weeks


  • What's going on with you and your anxiety? Get the answers, first and foremost
  • The exact cause of your anxiety and the exact route to cure your anxiety
  • The recovery foundation and busting the myths (chemical imbalance?)
  • The one thing to stop doing immediately
  • Introduction to the counterproductive approach to your anxiety
  • Your FIRST mindfulness excercise to target your anxiety thoughts and symptoms


  • Learn why thought control is an oxymoron. For everyone. Not just an anxiety sufferer.
  • Learn why you, as an anxiety sufferer, has a harder time accepting this.
  • Understanding the vicious downward anxiety loop SPECIFIC TO YOU and exactly where to break it.
  • Coming face-to-face with research and science to challenge your assumptions about mental health


  • Is everything right with your thoughts? See how you distort your world with cognitive thinking distortions
  • Is everything wrong with your thoughts?
  • Understand thought fusion, and by extension, defusion
  • PRACTICE right away techniques to gain psychological distance from thoughts.


  • Mindfulness: Understand what it is and what it’s not.
  • If I am not my thoughts, who am I?
  • Beyond thoughts: temperament, biology and finding your values
  • Regrouping to summarize our knowledge, tools and training to combat anxiety
  • Your ONE-PAGE roadmap to target any kind of anxiety going forward



Free copy of my book "10 DECISIONS" - The first 10 actions I took that started to cure 25 years of anxiety. When 25 years of trying to fix anxiety failed, I was ready to begin again differently. But I had so much fixing to do, so many disorders to cure, so many rock bottoms to climb out of. I did not know how and where to start. I was already exhausted.

Then I decided to cut myself some slack. I filtered through all the advice I got over the years, threw out the stuff that I knew from experience did not work and decided to focus on the quick, immediate and necessary things that I could do, almost instantly.

I begged to answer the question:

"What's that simple, solid, sincere and stable foundation to start with?"

"10 decisions" is that foundation.

"10 decisions" helped me answer questions like:

★ what should I do with my scary or depressing thoughts
★ what should I do when symptoms leave me paralyzed
★ how should I stay truer to who I am
★ how should I solve my chemical imbalance story
★ how should I tackle wanting it all
★ ... and more



★ It's counterintutitve. It asks you to allow your negative thoughts to start your anxiety cure

★ It explains the "why" and "how to" of your anxiety. It does not leave it as an unknown and unsolvable mystery. Nor does it dump an unproven chemical imbalance/brain defect theory as an explanation for you.

★ It introduces you to a scientifically studied personality temperament that you have, whose misunderstanding causes anxiety and depression.

★ It breaks your anxiety down to a simple, clear understanding, using emperically-tested, psychological research findings.

★ It targets your anxiety no matter what it's history or type (OCD, GAD, Panic, Phobias etc).

★ It's coming from someone who's walked the talk, who knows what works and what doesn't. The tools and training are not coming from a academic textbook, but from three decades of real-life experience working with myself and other clients.

★ All the knowlege, tools and training are condensed into a one-page roadmap that can be applied to every single anxiety experience. No waiting period or excuses needed; you'll know exactly what to do every time anxiety strikes!