1. How do I know when to believe my mind & when not to? When is it OCD & when is it not?

  2. How can my mind be so smart and then so foolish?

  3.  If my brain can trick me, how do I know when it’s being honest? What if all the good things it tells me are also a trick?

  4. What if it all my fears come true? Then how will I survive?

  5. I can see 20 years ahead. I can see ALL the things that have to happen for a good life.  Obviously, this means I can also see all the things that can go wrong. Then I set out to control those. What’s wrong with doing this? Isn't it wise to plan ahead? If you know what needs to be done, not doing it is simply lazy.

  6. I keep imagining strange things. My mind conjures up one scary image after another. What’s wrong with me?

  7. I have to do what I do to stop the thoughts (counting till 3, blinking my eyes 17 times, checking the lights 10 times etc). If you saw what I saw, you would too. You don’t understand how close I feel to the danger happening. It doesn't seem like a “distant” thought. It feels like “NOW”. I know it’s still a thought, but THIS one feels like something more. Why does this thought have so much intensity?

  8. So much of my anxious experience is the body. I know I should not be scared. Then why do I still feel scared?

  9. I wake up and feel anxiety symptoms. It is so confusing, terrifying and confidence shattering. Why am I already afraid even before opening my eyes?

  10. Who says my thinking is wrong? If I didn't have this thinking, I would be worse off. You fool.

  11. I have created a mess in the past. I find it very hard to get over the past. Why does my past haunt me?

  12. Why doesn't talking to someone (anyone!) help? When I talk to my therapist, I say I am better. I try to be positive. You know “you are your thoughts” mantra. But I’m really not feeling it.

  13. Why do aha moments not lead to change? Why am I stuck when I have so much insight?

  14. Why can’t I handle as much as others can? Why can’t I be normal?

  15. Why do I think about things so intensely? Why can’t I just be more chill?

  16. I see others around me do stranger, crazier, stupider things. Why doesn’t it bother them?

  17. How come other people can take on so much and I get anxious just by thinking about how much they do. Why can’t I be more like others, more brave and confident?

  18. Especially when I am doing better, my memory of the past haunts me. I keep remembering how painful it's been. Why do I sabotage my own self?

  19. If I don’t think about the future, or the past, what the heck should I think about? All this talk about “being” and “present moment” and “praying to the universe” are not for me. I find it terrifying when they talk like that. I find no value in looking at the shape of a flower or a mountain. I hate when they talk like that. And that makes me feel worse because if that is the cure, and I can’t do it, no wonder I am so ill. What should I do?

  20. I can’t embrace my anxiety. Are you kidding me? You are asking me to love something I hate. What’s wrong with you?

  21. How do I know what is the right behavior? There are 100s of ways at looking at just one thing. How do I know what’s right?

  22. Therapists scare me. It’s all too serious with them. [not a question; it’s a cry for help]

  23. There are some people who are so mean, superficial, manipulative and dysfunctional. How come they don’t suffer?

  24. When I am by myself, I feel kind of better. The moment I am around others, I am uncomfortable. What’s up with that?

  25. I can’t be happy. Something or the other is on my mind. I worry. When I want happiness so much, you’d think I would know better than to worry. What’s wrong with me?


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