Tried everything but still stuck with anxiety?

How can our strategies, medicines and prayers ever work if they're fixing the wrong problem?

See if underneath it all, you've overlooked

#1 Thing to Stop Doing for your Anxiety

This is your starting point.



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☛ A counterintuitive framework that’ll give you permission to start moving your life forward

☛ Scientific validation of something you've secretly always known, but may be too afraid to trust

☛ Your two experiential exercises to show you personal proof of the wastefulness of the emotional war you’re trying to win

☛ Is there any control that you do have over the biggest source of your anxiety?

☛ How “normal” people escape anxiety and why the gurus get it wrong



"I want to thank you for changing the way I see things. I now have a lot more hope for the future."

- Ron, The Netherlands

"The most interesting 17 pages I've ever read."

- Luke, The Netherlands

"I really like the way you write about this topic with warmth and humour. It is reassuring to know you have been anxious too. I have read tons of info on anxiety and depression for over 20 years and no one has described the fear of not been able to stop painful thoughts from the past as well as you have. It is probably my main problem, but so many self help books and websites only focus on anxiety as phobia, OCD or fear of the unknown. If they do mention the past, they only talk about trauma caused by physical harm. I really thought my type of ruminating problem was unique until now! Thank you very much :)"

- Dawn, England

"I am thankful that God has directed me to you after many years of suffering despite relentless research. You speak my language and it's hilarious :) Most importantly you confirm what I have felt and thought but couldn't find anyone that resonated. Thank you God. Thank you Namita."

- (confidential name), United Kingdom
"Your book was an extremely rewarding experience for me. I related to so much of what you had to say about your own experience and and came away with renewed resolve and hope. I especially related to the parts about surrendering to your thoughts and giving up the search for chemical imbalances. Thank you for these great resources."

- Ray, United States

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