JUNE 4, 2019


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A comprehensive, guided, online video program that’ll start shifting your anxiety story.

With steps, structure & exercises, I’ll walk you through a counterintuitive way out of fear.

Reconsider how you’ve been doing anxiety, and do it differently this time.

June 4. I cannot wait for us to get started.




4 modules with short, structured lessons within them, which build on core concepts.

We will tease apart anxiety’s scores of seemingly impossible, complex and often non-verbal traps that have kept you feeling stuck. The result of your comprehensive study will be a counterintuitive and goal-oriented framework with a clear path on how to overcome anxiety.

You will get insights, perspectives, tools, exercises, templates and strategies.

Each module is packed with so much value that it will feel like you're crossing a distinct milestone.

For details on the topics we're going to cover, here's a module breakdown.



This is anxiety 101, more like 901. It will demystify the workings and complexity of anxiety. You see, being told or reading on a webpage that anxiety is the interplay of brain, learning, thinking etc doesn’t always cut it. We may understand it, but often at a superficial level. I want you to get into the technicalities of these hijacks to understand anxiety at an emotional level. You are going to clearly see that anxiety is not something elusive that happens from outside of us. It is certainly the result of things we do, which we just yet don't know exactly how. Clients tell me that this module was like a mirror reflecting back their whole life to them.

You’ll see
HOW our split-second downward spirals work;
HOW exactly biology, cognition and behaviors sync together to create your anxiety experiences;
WHERE in those split seconds we make ONE mistake that decides whether we get anxiety or not;
what to do NOW given everything that’s already happened


Your First Exercise
Our struggle with thinking
Anxiety Loop
How it begins_Cognitive Errors
The point at which we bifurcate from "normal"
Your Biology. Your Amygdala
Anxiety Behaviors. Wise-looking, but start the real downhill
How belief-systems & disorders give birth
How similar or different are our Anxiety Types
Three characteristics of Anxiety Behaviors
Behavior Modification: Waking Up to Anxiety, Insomnia, Mirroring
Your Present & Future: Activate your Upward Spiral
Your relationship with your nervous system
How to change the feeling of fear
Anxiety-Change & 3 places we get stuck


The experience of the average person goes something like this: someone - an advisor, coach, mentor, therapist - will point out the problems with his mindset, thoughts, mistakes and he’ll get it. Changes start rapidly after that.

The anxious person has an unusual difficulty. Our mind is relentless. It’s defiant and ferocious. It’ll fight back anything – even when we give it good news. We seem to have no control over this mind. It’s been sad and scary to live with it.

This problem is solved in Module 2.

First, we will thoroughly understand the mind through a lens which isn’t entirely mainstream. You will be asked to do specific mind exercises, and after that, you will be ready to fully accept that you cannot outsmart your mind (and anxiety) the way you’ve been trying. It’s time to let those strategies go.

You’re then going to be introduced to a powerful concept which will show you where and how you can intervene in the war between your emotions and your logic. And THIS is how you will master your anxious mind.


Red & Yellow Thoughts
Relational Frames
Why Happy Makes Us Sad
Anxiety Is Everything
Behavior Modification: Describe, Don't Evaluate
Behavior Modification: Don't be Afraid of Thinking
Behavior Modification: How to know when your thoughts are telling the truth
Your narrative about yourself
Four conventional but counter-productive treatment strategies
Mind Mastery
BONUS_Techniques to check if you're going in the right direction


You will be introduced to your 8 core anxious beliefs systems.

These are our map of the world. Belief systems are who we are because we’re so sure about the righteousness of what we believe; they’re coded into our nervous system; they make us feel certain and secure.

But in our current context, the anxious person’s belief systems need to be modified or changed altogether. Without this, they will and are hurting you. This module brings these belief systems out with razor-sharp clarity because it’s likely we don’t always know these with language or consciousness.

In this module, you will do deep & personal exercises that will guide you in comparing our discussion against your life experience.

At the end of this Module, you will be ready with a decision on whether it’s time to burst the bubble of your belief systems and what that process of change will involve.


Anxiety’s Core Beliefs #1-8
The route to change our beliefs


The lessons from Module 1-3 have given you a strong foundation and will have already led to several of your cognitive and behavior changes.

Module 4 loops all of your study together to create a goal-oriented, specific, step-by-step template you can easily follow everytime you want to activate an emotional change process. Your recovery is about practice. This template will make it very convenient to keep your momentum going. This is the exact template I used to overcome my anxiety and continue to use it to this day when I’m trying to create emotional change.

So in this module, we’re going to build your behavior plan which you can consider as your recovery roadmap. There is a method to this. There are steps to this, and I’m going to personally guide you through this process.


Your Step-by Step Behavior Plan (Template)

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Worksheets & Workbooks


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