If you struggle with anxiety in your life, there are some very BASIC, MINIMUM, NECESSARY CLARIFICATIONS you need about your struggles.

Do you even know what about your anxiety makes it anxiety? And why you feel fear when even you know you shouldn't? What about your thinking? Yeah, you know it's warped but why are your negative thoughts still so sticky and entangling? How come medication doesn't really help?


Your recovery starts with this foundation. Get familiar with it. Understand it. See if it makes sense with your anxiety experience so far.

What happens after you get clear on the anxiety basics is that you'll never ever question why you have anxiety in any given moment, and you'll never be confused over what you have to do to cure it right away.


There are 7 QUESTIONS you have to answer:

1. What is Anxiety? When did I become an anxious person?

2. I have the bad kind of anxiety. Why is it worse for me than others?

3. How unfair is it that I came predisposed to anxiety with my faulty brain wiring and a chemical imbalance. Was I always meant to suffer?

4. I have tried everything to cure my anxiety. What more can I possibly do?

5. Who can help and how can I be helped? What frameworks and tools will guide my recovery?

6. Why do I feel so afraid even when I know there's no reason to?

7. Why can't I solve my anxiety when I'm so smart? I should be able to do this.