It can be terribly confusing, can't it?

One part of you wants, more than anything in the world, to fight your fears, so that you can finally start living your life.

But the second part of you just doesn't care where the first part wants to go. It wants to keep your stuck in your fears, your regrets, your painful past and in a forever compromised life.

Why does this happen to you? And more importantly, how come the fear always wins?

Why can't my mind believe in good things happening for me?



If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, by now you’re probably overwhelmed with the questions that haven’t gone answered.

“Why do I suffer from this terrible disease?”
“Why can’t I just get over it?”
“Why hasn’t therapy worked?”
“Why does a happy life seem out of my reach?”
“Why hasn’t medication cured me?”
“Why can’t I be a normal person?”
“Why am I meant to suffer like this?”

Anxiety is painful for two main reasons.

Firstly, the thoughts, symptoms and sensations are unbearable in the moments when anxiety strikes. Your mind and body feel completely hijacked and out of control. You feel like you've gone crazy. You want to do everything possible to move past the fears, but the fearful thoughts just don't let you.

If it’s not a ‘scary’ thought, it’s other kinds of distressing.

Critical. Depressing. Dismissive. Humiliating. Creepy.


  • If you suffer from Social Anxiety, you hate the thought that tells you people will know you are a social weirdo. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

  • If you suffer from Generalized Anxiety, you hate the thought that tells you that money/job/relationships troubles are on the way. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

  • If you suffer from Pure-OCD, you hate the thought (image) that shows you as violent, insane or dead. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

  • If you suffer from Performance Anxiety,you hate the thought tells you that you will freeze up when it’s time to perform. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

  • If you suffer from Panic Disorder,you hate the thought tells you that you cannot survive or recover from another next panic attack. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.


If you suffer from (insert any kind of emotional pain), you hate the thought that tells you that this pain will eat you up alive and prevent you from living. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

The force, momentum and speed of these negative thoughts and their ability to multiply into new ones of the SAME terrifying kind is the very process that makes anxiety so unbearable.

It’s the overall experience of having absolutely no control over your mind that makes the sufferer think he’s gone crazy!



But there's one more thing that happens that makes anxiety even worse.

And that is witnessing how all my efforts to bring myself back to safety and sanity fail.

100% of anxiety sufferers do the only two things they think are their options.

They try one, then the other and hope that either will work.


Strategy 1 - I agree with my negative thoughts and try my best to prevent the danger they predict is coming my way. “Yes, doom is on its way and I’ll do everything it takes to prevent it”.

Strategy 2 – I argue with them. “No, this is not true, I’ll do everything it takes to disprove them”

Unfortunately, both strategies result in behavioral choices that spiral us in a negative direction. Because both are reactions based on taking your thoughts literally.

Each unsuccessful experience in losing to your thoughts becomes yet another blow to your self-esteem and your dreams of conquering anxiety.

Your core, deep-rooted belief starts becoming that conquering your fears is impossible; otherwise it would have happened.

You start believing that life is out to get you. All your energy goes into battling these demons. Where's the time or opportunity left for living?

Doctors haven’t really given clear answers. They’ve written off anxiety as a complicated, inexplicable mental illness with limited hope for a full recovery. They say there's no known cause and hence, no such known, real, promised cure for a full recovery.

Medicines are supposed to help us cope, but more often than not, they don't deliver even that. How can they? After all, how can a pill be designed to treat something whose cause or cure is claimed not to be clearly known?

What about therapy? After all the work we do in undertsanding, analyzing, processing and challenging our negative thoughts and behaviors, why hasn't that been enough?

What more can I possibly do?

Why does the fear still stay?

Why is anxiety so complicated?

And in the meanwhile, while all these questions have remain unanswered, my life has gone unlived.



Thousands of anxiety sufferers have the exact same story on rinse, wash and repeat.


This was my story too.

For 25 years of my life.

I've had every possible anxiety diagnosis given to me. GAD, OCD, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety, Agoraphobia, PTSD, Hypochondria. Even depression and bipolar. And some labels, I hadn't even heard of.

Just like you, I wanted to do whatever it takes to get better and get my life back.

Just like you, I thought that I have no choice but to keep going at it, hoping that some day something will work. My fears will go away. My life will be handed back to me.

And just like you, I tried my best.

And just like you, I kept seeing how little to nothing really works.

I did everything everyone told me to do.

✔ I listened to the cognitive behavior therapists and challenged my negative thoughts.
✔ I listened to the psychoanalysts and analyzed my subsconscious.
✔ I listened to the psychiatrists and tried the medications.
✔ I listened to my friends who told me to get over it.
✔ I listened to the self help and spiritual leaders who asked me to keep the faith.
✔ I listened to my family who asked me to accept accept my illness.
✔ I listened to the doctors who asked me to distract myself with the right job and relationship.
✔ I listened to my own self who asked me to keep trying till I get it.

I say it again. I did everything everyone told me to do. I worked hard. I tried my best. Little to nothing worked.

But things changed for me.

In fact, things changed so drastically that not only did I overcome anxiety and all its types that plagued me for life, but I have now reached the best version of myself.

I don't cope with life anymore. I live it.

I don't react to it. I create it.

I am no longer a hapless billiard ball on the table being tossed around by anxiety. Now, I'm the player of my own life.

What happened and how did I do it?

I followed a scientifically tested, clinically proven, but highly COUNTERINTUITIVE psychological framework that gave me permission to shift my focus from useless mental management to finally life engagement. And it gave the tools and training on HOW TO DO THIS.

I created a 5-step model for my recovery that gave me results from the day I started until today - when I now help other people suffering in the same way I did overcome their anxiety and start buidling the best version of themselves.

Step 1.I discovered WHY I have anxiety.
- I tapped into my experience, did research, rejected chemical imbalance pitches and rejected anyone who told me there is no known cause of anxiety.

Step 2.I discovered HOW to break it without medication
- Let’s face it. If overcoming fear was as easy as hearing the right message from the right person, we’d have no trouble right? It’s really about HOW TO DO IT that matters in the end. I learned specific tools, techniques, skills and exercises to propel me forward.

Step 3.I wanted a formula I could apply to every kind of anxiety attack
- I needed a recovery model that could overcome any of the hundreds of triggers I had. I couldn't waste any more time and energy focusing on one fear at a time.

Step 4.I wanted to follow a counterintuitive approach
- After spending two decades seeing how conventional strategies of doctors, therapists and friends didn’t work, I was ready to abandon them and try something counterintuitive.

Step 5.I wanted science and clinically proven results to bolster me
- I wanted to make sure what I was doing had been tested in a laboratory and clinically proven as effective.


Not only has this model worked for me, but I now support people from all over the world (the US, Europe, Australia and Canada) recover from anxiety when everything has has failed to help them.

"I am thankful that God has directed me to you after many years of suffering despite relentless research. You speak my language and it's hilarious :) Most importantly you confirm what I have felt and thought but couldn't find anyone that resonated. Thank you God. Thank you Namita."

- (Lena B, United Kingdom)


If you too are tired of battling anxiety and not living your life, I invite you to my LIVE TRAINING EVENT so that I can show you HOW.

‘THIS LIVE TRAINING’ program gives you the
SPECIFIC knowledge, tools and training
to help you overcome anxiety, when everything else hasn't.

  • Imagine standing up for yourself despite all the thoughts saying you’ll die with people’s disapproval of you (Social Anxiety)

  • Imagine reaching your life's goals despite all the thoughts saying you'll never get over your fear of germs/flying/doctors/water (Phobias, Phobic Disorder, OCD)

  • Imagine taking risks in your career despite all the thoughts saying you’ll fail because you always have (Generalized Anxiety, Depression, OCD)

  • Imagine living with purpose, ambition and respect despite all the thoughts reminding you of the trauma you’ve faced in your life that almost destroyed you (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

  • Imagine going on the freeway, leaving your room, catching that flight, going to the party, facing your bullies despite all the thoughts telling you you’ll have a panic attack and faint if you try (Panic Attacks, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia)

  • Imagine going to college and connecting with your friends despite all the thoughts telling you to check the stove and lock the doors another time (OCD)

  • Imagine chosing the right relationships despite the thoughts that tell you it’s not going to work? (Relationship OCD, Codependency, Generalized Anxiety)

  • Imagine leaving the wrong relationships despite all the thoughts that say you’ll never make it on your own? (Relationship OCD, Codependency, Generalized Anxiety)

  • Imagine waking up with hope and energy despite all the thoughts reminding you about your sadness, fear and depression

Can you imagine this?

Irrespective of the “type” of thoughts you struggle with, that hold you back – can you imagine living your life FULLY and PURPOSEFULLY, from now on?

Despite all your past struggles with anxiety? Despite all your present thoughts telling you it’s impossible to get there?



My program follows a clinically proven counterintuitive approach to solving your anxiety. It's based on the tenets of a new, psychological modality called "Acceptance and Committment Therapy (ACT)."

ACT has gained significant popularity in western countries like the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia. It is my honor and privilege to bring it to India.

ACT is a mindfulness-based behavior therapy whose core goals are "acceptance" of your present moment and "commitment" to values and goals.

ACT is clinically proven and has a wealth of scientific testing underpinning it's approach. It has been clinically proved

In ACT, we are not particularly concerned with the reality of having distorted thoughts and painful symptoms. But what we are terribly concerned with is how to accept the sum total of the present moment and still move towards a value-based life.

Acceptance of anxiety, or the circumstances that make up your anxiety, is not easy. But it is absolutely necessary to gain the psychological flexibility needed to commit to actions and behaviors that will move you towards your values and goals.

ACT is broken down into 6 process areas, each of which influences your ability to commit to a value-based future by accepting your present day anxiety -

→ contact with the present moment
→ defusion (from thinking)
→ acceptance
→ values
→ committed action
→ self-as-context (are you your narratives?)

The greatest contribution of ACT is that it implores sufferers to challenge their fight against pain and then walk away from it into a life of thier choice.

This is counterintuitive.

Most of us have learned that we cannot "move along" until our internal thoughts and emotions are aligned. "If you want to be rich and beautiful, how can you have thoughts about failure and despair?". And so we've been taught that if we want to reach our goals, we have to constantly fight the bad guys and make sure they never, ever win.

The problem is that we have wrongly measured "winning" by the absence of negative emotions. When infact, the negative emotions only ever win when we refuse to allow them the freedom of presence.

It's not wrong to want positivity. But it's terribly counterproductive to insist on eradicating negativity before positivity can enter.

This training shows you how to stop fighting the rigged war against your negative thoughts, and instead walk away from the battlefield into a life directed by your own values.

And it gives you the SPECIFIC tools, techniques, practices and exercises to get you started. Without these tools, your logical mind will resist.



★ Regain the lost faith and confidence in your mind and your own ability to handle life
★ Learn what to do and what not to do with your negative thoughts
★ Regulate your emotions and tolerate distress when you're confronted with circumstances you do not wish for
★ Understand, accept and reap the gifts of your own core temperament and innate biology
★ Learn how to work with anxiety's paralyzing symptoms and sensations


If you do this program correctly, you will be armored with knowledge, tools, training and personal proof that will influence you for life. Not just for now, while you undergo the program. But even for your journey going forward.

Because life, as we have it, will continue to deliver its ebbs and flows to every single one of us. The difference this time on will be our ability, in fact maybe even our willingless, to participate in it fully and unconditionally. Yes, we can learn how to do it, despite everything we've been through.

"I am thankful that God has directed me to you after many years of suffering despite relentless research. You speak my language and it's hilarious :) Most importantly you confirm what I have felt and thought but couldn't find anyone that resonated. Thank you God. Thank you Namita."

- (confidential name, United Kingdom)


"I am thankful that God has directed me to you after many years of suffering despite relentless research. You speak my language and it's hilarious :) Most importantly you confirm what I have felt and thought but couldn't find anyone that resonated. Thank you God. Thank you Namita."

- (confidential name, United Kingdom)




EARLY BIRD (until MAY 18) - $37

(This is an intimate event, so HURRY, seats are limited!)



Module 1: Anxiety Cause

→ Why do I have anxiety? What is it? Where did it come from?
→ The Anxiety Loop
→ Temperament & Biology
→ The ONE thing that decides whether you get anxiety or not

(* Specific case studies of OCD, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety, Hypochondria and more...)

Module 2: Anxiety Recovery

→ How to cure anxiety by breaking the Anxiety Loop
→ Prerequesites for recovery
→ If not anxiety, then what? What's my compass?

(* Specific case studies of OCD, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety, Hypochondria and more...)

Module 3: Mindfulness

→ What it is and what it isn't
→ Mindfulness and Meditation
→ How should I do it
→ More than just anxiety control - the 12 other benefits of mindfulness

Module 4: Thinking

→ Is everything right with your thoughts? See how you distort your world with cognitive thinking distortions
→ Is everything wrong with your thoughts?
→ Cognitive Fusion and Defusion
→ If you're not your thoughts, who are you?

Module 5: Distress Tolerance & Emotional Regulation

→ How to stop fear from affecting behavior
→ Body-based therapeutic interventions to break the anxiety loop
→ Skills-building and coping mechanisms to power through anxiety symptoms


BONUS 1 - Your ONE-PAGE model to overcome anxiety, depression, and other forms of emotional struggles such as weight loss, smoking, addiction.

BONUS 2 - FREE copy of my book "10-DECISIONS"

BONUS 3 - Chemical Imbalances & Medication
Are they a real thing and do you even need them? Where does science and industry stand on this?

BONUS 4 - The Highly Sensitive Personality Temperament of the Anxious Person. Are you at a war with your misunderstood self? Let science help you understand yourself. Sensitivity is a gift when used properly. Learn how.

BONUS 5 - Clinically tested results, research and science. Next time, hand this to your doctor when s/he insists on counterproductive methods to "cure" anxiety and wish away "negative" thoughts and symtpoms.



★ It's counterintutitve. It asks you to allow your negative thoughts to start your anxiety cure

★ It explains the "why" and "how to" of your anxiety. It does not leave it as an unknown and unsolvable mystery. Nor does it dump an unproven chemical imbalance/brain defect theory as an explanation for you.

★ It introduces you to a scientifically studied personality temperament that you have, whose misunderstanding causes anxiety and depression.

★ It breaks your anxiety down to a simple, clear understanding, using emperically-tested, psychological research findings.

★ It targets your anxiety no matter what it's history or type (OCD, GAD, Panic, Phobias etc).

★ It's coming from someone who's walked the talk, who knows what works and what doesn't. The tools and training are not coming from a academic textbook, but from three decades of real-life experience working with myself and other clients.

★ All the knowlege, tools and training are condensed into a one-page roadmap that can be applied to every single anxiety experience. No waiting period or excuses needed; you'll know exactly what to do every time anxiety strikes!

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1] I have a certain kind of anxiety. Can this program help me

Yes, it can. There is a common path that we follow in any kind of emotional crisis.

The path is the same even when we think our tiggers are different. Focusing on this path is more important than the specific trigger.

2] Should I dump my therapy?
Don't be stupid
3] Notes:
This is one of the most compact scripts of this nature that you can find in any JavaScript archives.

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This is one of the most compact scripts of this nature that you can find in any JavaScript archives.