- counterintuitive steps to target anxiety -

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This course shows you first, why, and then, how to stop fighting the rigged war against your own anxiety, and instead learn how to walk into the life you've been waiting for.

Your thinking mind will be trained to resist. I'm ready for your resistance, in fact I'll be waiting for it with open arms. This resistance comes from years of you believing and doing the things that logic and good sense tell you are normal, reasonable and dependable. But they're wrong, aren't they? If they could really fix your worries, then why haven't they?

This course presents to you an alternative perspective to anxiety - 'A Different Way'.

Anxiety could be not what you've been thinking it to be thus far. And if that turns out to be true, you'll obviously agree that different strategies are needed to overcome it.

'A Different Way' helps you pull back the curtain on what you know hasn't worked for you. It will then introduce to you what does work. But it's not going to do that with my word, my command, or my claimed wisdom. You will experience the framework of this program, through a targeted, step-by-step structure, and practical exercises. After each set of readings and exercises, you will be asked to be honest with yourself about the results you see. Based on these results, you will have clarity on what to do next. You will then be given targeted tools to help you steer yourself in that direction - in the direction of your values and goals.



→ A simpler route to defining anxiety
→ Your thinking errors - Do you know what they are?
→ Dominant thinking errrors according to type of anxiety
→ Thinking errors in 'treatment' - making the same mistakes, again
→ The four litmus tests to use to check whether or not to be influenced by a thought
Anxiety Loops: How do you go down? Do you know how you become involved in your own anxiety? This is not a chemical in your brain doing this; it is you doing it, because of some wrong assumptions
→ The one line mantra to repeat "What does my my amygdala want?". Is this all you need to answer?
Exercises - "Create the Fear", "Bring Home the Hammock" and more..


Where do you want to go if anxiety wasn't there?
→ Do your destinations conflict? What do you pick when they do?
→ What you can really achieve in the next second, and what you can't. Do you get to choose?
→ Your mindsets, world views and expectations from life that you've decided get to dictate whether or not you feel comfortable with the world.
→ How to change Values
Exercises - Your '7-step' Value exercise


→ The design of the human mind: don't put impossible demands on it
Four functionalities of thought that lead to miracles outside, but also traps inside
→ When thinking itself is the biggest source of anxiety, can we rely on thinking to tackle thinking?
→ How much weight do we give to the role of thoughts in our life?
→ How to navigate anxious thoughts
Exercises - "Red Car", "Coffee Break", "Anxiety is Everything" and more...


→ Coming full circle to Module 1
How to break your Anxiety Loop
Where to break the Anxiety Loop
Where to focus your time and attention, when you're tempted to slip back into thought
Tools to target bodily disregulation
Exercises - Emotional Regulation & Distress Tolerance skills building


"Module 4 was my favorite. It puts together very nicely the concepts from the previous modules, and then ties them to a new way of dealing with anxiety. One that is very simple to understand and makes complete sense."

"The Anxiety Loop material was extremely useful for me, to show how the same loops and behaviours emerge, even though the triggers and thoughts may be very different. It turns a potentially very disparate set of compulsions/behaviours into a single thing, namely how the Anxiety Model causes us problems and what we can do about that. "

"First I looked around on your website and read some articles. I couldn't help but become overwhelmed with emotion as I saw the very same stuff that's in my head jump out at me from your pages. I mean literally, some of the same exact things I say, feel or do related to my anxiety/panic. I knew I just struck "gold"! I ordered your course of 4 modules and just finished Module #1. After working on myself for over 20 years, I just had the largest emotional release I have ever felt in my entire life and it was "authentic" not mind driven, as my ego just loves to be involved. As I read through module one and completed the exercises, I wrote in my notebook as I had "ah ha" moments of recognition in my own behavior/actions/thoughts on what you were describing. It's as if I came face to face with my own self, could SEE it for what a destructive force it has been in my life, and I completely lost it in a river of tears. I mean I just totally busted all my self bullshit. The sense of RELIEF I felt from the understanding of what was happening to me is indescribable. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I can't wait to move on to the next modules!! You've given me hope and given me the tools to get my life back!!"

"Really, really put my mind at ease, thank you. It really changed my perspective. I spend SO long analysing why I'm thinking about something and searching things online to back up the negative belief, but tonight I've found it a lot easier to just tell my brain "whatever" haha!"

"I prefer learning by doing, writing and practicing. So having examples and exercises helped me to better connect the concepts and ideas . My favorite exercises were writing down my core values and understanding my anxiety loop."

"Becoming aware of my "health" anxiety loop was very useful. (But all of the exercises were useful). "

"Excellent, a very clear break down, and clear understanding of the anxiety process, and why so many approaches don't work. You're right, too many well meaning therapists unfortunately imply to their clients they have faulty wiring, and perhaps leave them with a conclusion of hopelessness or self blame."


1. What does the course include: Four (4) written modules that cover the complete anxiety model/framework to target your anxiety with counterintutive, targeted, step-by-step experiential exercises. You will use the results from the exercises to decide whether it's time to let go of the assumptions about anxiety you've carried along thus far.

2. How does the course work: When you purchase the course, you'll get a payment confirmation with a link to get started. Click the link to enroll and you will receive all four (4) modules at once. The first module comes immediately, and the next 3 trickle in over 1-2 hours.

3. How should I do the course: Even if you receive the full course at once, I recommend working on each module at a time, and covering the steps/exercises within a module sequentially. That means don't read Module 4 and then start the exercises in Module 1. Go through Module 1 first by completing all exercises sequentially, then move over to Module 2. Without this structure, the model won't make sense and you'll be scattered. Go at a pace comfortable to you, don't rush the modules. For reference, know that in the private program we usually cover a module over 1 week.

3. Does this course include 1:1 private sessions: No it does not. It is best designed if you want to start the steps using a self-directed effort. Few people report back saying that having the opportunity of doing the exercises privately (without talk analysis) created good results for them. If however, you're still interested in 1:1 private sessions with me, stay in touch with me via the program or its waitlist, if the program is full.

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