Even if there is a computer screen or a large geography between us, you have to know that I have been there - where you are. I know how painful anxiety is.

If there's only one thing to remember is this. Your anxiety is basically a misunderstanding and the only one who can sort this out is you .

To have trust in your own capabilities may be seem like an impossible dream right now, but with the right message, that trust will come back. Just never forget that some people do overcome anxiety. 

How do they do it? The same way you can.


1. Fear (and pain) is not the problem. Having a 'problem with it' IS the problem. No matter what you fear, all our attempts (including therapy) to rid ourselves of fear do not and will not work, until we try something counterintuitive.

2.If you want to cure anxiety, the last thing you should do is control your negative thoughts.

3.Chemical imbalances are a waste of our time.

4. Do you even know yourself? Could it be that you come with a innate trait that's been wrongly
pathologized as faulty brain wiring and chemical imbalances? SO WHAT if your brain processes information from all possible angles, instantly, automatically, deeply and independent of your control? And SO WHAT if it imagines worst case scenarios? Could it be that no one (until now) ever understood this as normal and acceptable? Maybe the message of abnormality was what gave you anxiety.


Because you 'learned' anxiety. It wasn't your default. You picked it up along the way. But, if you 'learned' it, you can also 'unlearn' it.

Unlearn does not mean "wipe out". You cannot wipe out whatever makes up your current moment. If you insist on that, you'll add a new host of problems. 

Instead, 'Unlearning' means creating space for new experiences to develop alongside all of your existing reality, with anxiety included in it.

You are not eliminating or altering any of your anxiety. Instead you are deciding to keep it. All you are doing is adding something else to the mix


Like evidence?

There is enough science, research, clinical studies and empirical findings to prove that anxiety can be cured. Here, we focus on that kind of science that shows recovery and gives hope. Not the depressing kind showing statistics of how doomed everything really is . You already have your mind doing that now don't you.

Know thy brain:

“You are what you think”. Heard that? Blame yourself for not controlling your negative thoughts? Don’t. Understand the science behind every single anxiety episode and why you should keep your negative thoughts.


If only you didn't notice so much. Be aware of so much. Think so much. Analyze so much. Worry so much. You would be free from anxiety, right?


You do that because it’s part of a pretty awesome trait you inherited. The trait is awesome; your ways of using it are not. As a result, you have anxiety.

A big step towards your recovery is understanding your sensitivity holistically. What does that mean? It means sure you're not all peaches n cream all day, every day, but you're not all egg yolk either.

The irony is that you require sensitivity for this kind of work. If you weren't sensitive, you'd be in trouble. It’s time you understood yourself without freaking out. Research shows you're not so bad.


Even after years of suffering, many don’t know why they have anxiety.
Is it is chemical imbalance? My genes? Life experiences? Did I pray to the wrong God?

And even if they figure this out (often incorrectly), they don’t know what to do with this? The “Now What”? Does all the brilliant insight clear the fog or make it thicker?

For the majority, it’s the latter. Because they don’t know how to use their insights to create change. 

Even after suffering for years, they don’t know HOW TO RECOVER. Is it with medication? Hypnotherapy? Therapy? Writing in a journal? Religion? Spirituality?

Turns out, it’ not that complicated. Mostly, recovery requires you to practice common sense behaviorsOf course, things get in the way when you start to implement your common sense ideas. But that’s not because your ideas are wrong; you just need help with executing them.