(...if you want, you can get the ADW written modules!)

It can be terribly confusing, can't it?

One part of you wants, more than anything in the world, to fight your fears, so that you can finally start living your life.

But the second part of you just doesn't care where the first part wants to go. It wants to keep you stuck in your fears, your regrets, your painful past and in a forever compromised life.

Why does this happen to you? And more importantly, how come the fear always wins?

Why can't my mind believe in good things happening for me?


If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, by now you’re probably overwhelmed with the questions that haven’t gone answered.

“Why do I suffer from this terrible disease?”
“Why can’t I just get over it?”
“Why hasn’t therapy worked?”
“Why does a happy life seem out of my reach?”
“Why hasn’t medication cured me?”
“Why can’t I be a normal person?”

Anxiety is painful for two reasons.

Firstly, the thoughts, symptoms and sensations are unbearable in the moments when anxiety strikes. Your mind and body feel completely hijacked and out of control. You feel like you've gone crazy. You want to do everything possible to move past the fears, but the fearful thoughts just don't let you.

If it’s not a ‘scary’ thought, it’s other kinds of distressing.

Critical. Depressing. Dismissive. Humiliating. Creepy.

  • If you suffer from Social Anxiety, you hate the thought that tells you people will know you are a social weirdo. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

  • If you suffer from Generalized Anxiety, you hate the thought that tells you that money/job/relationships troubles are on the way. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

  • If you suffer from Pure-OCD, you hate the thought (image) that shows you as violent, insane or dead. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

  • If you suffer from Performance Anxiety, you hate the thought tells you that you will freeze up when it’s time to perform. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

  • If you suffer from Panic Disorder, you hate the thought tells you that you cannot recover from another panic attack. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.


If you suffer from (insert any kind of emotional pain), you hate the thought that tells you that this pain will eat you up alive and prevent you from living. But the thought insists on reminding you of this at all times.

The force, momentum and speed of these negative thoughts and their ability to multiply into new ones of the SAME terrifying kind is the very process that makes anxiety so unbearable. It’s the overall experience of having absolutely no control over your mind that makes the sufferer think he’s gone crazy.


But there's one more thing that happens that makes anxiety even worse.

And that is witnessing how all my efforts to bring myself back to safety and sanity fail.

100% of anxiety sufferers do the only two things they think are their options.

They try one, then the other and hope that either will work.


Strategy 1 - I agree with my negative thoughts and try my best to prevent the danger they predict is coming my way. “Yes, doom is on its way and I’ll do everything it takes to prevent it”.

Strategy 2 – I argue with them. “No, this is not true, I’ll do everything it takes to disprove them”

Unfortunately, both strategies result in behavioral choices that spiral us in a negative direction. Because both are reactions based on taking your thoughts literally.

Each unsuccessful experience in losing to your thoughts becomes yet another blow to your self-esteem and your dreams of conquering anxiety.

Your core, deep-rooted belief starts becoming that conquering your fears is impossible; otherwise it would have happened.

You start believing that life is out to get you. All your energy goes into battling these demons. Where's the time or opportunity left for living?

Even doctors haven’t really given clear answers. Many of them have written off anxiety as a complicated, inexplicable mental illness with limited hope for a natural recovery. They say there's no known cause and hence, no such known, real, promised cure.

Medicines are supposed to help us cope, but more often than not, they don't deliver even that. How can they? After all, how can a pill be designed to treat something whose cause or cure is claimed not to be clearly known?

What about therapy? After all the work we do in undertsanding, analyzing, processing and challenging our negative thoughts and behaviors, why hasn't that been enough?

What more can I possibly do?

Why does the fear still stay?

Why is anxiety so complicated?

And in the meanwhile, while all these questions have remain unanswered, my life has gone unlived.


Thousands of anxiety sufferers have the exact same story on rinse, wash and repeat.


This was my story too.

For 25 years of my life.

I've had every possible anxiety diagnosis given to me. GAD, OCD, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety, Agoraphobia, Hypochondria. And some labels, I hadn't even heard of.

Just like you, I wanted to do whatever it takes to get better and get my life back.

Just like you, I thought that I have no choice but to keep going at it, hoping that some day something will work. My fears will go away. My life will be handed back to me.

And just like you, I tried my best.

And just like you, I kept seeing how little to nothing really works.

I did everything everyone told me to do.

✔ I listened to the cognitive behavior therapists and challenged my negative thoughts.
✔ I listened to the psychoanalysts and analyzed my subsconscious.
✔ I listened to the psychiatrists and tried the medications.
✔ I listened to my friends who told me to get over it.
✔ I listened to the spiritual leaders who asked me to create positive vibes which the universe will throw back at me.
✔ I listened to my family who asked me to accept my illness.
✔ I listened to the doctors who asked me to distract myself with the right job and relationship.
✔ I listened to my own self who asked me to keep trying till I get it.

I say it again.

I did everything everyone told me to do. I worked hard. I tried my best. Little to nothing worked.

But things changed for me.

In fact, things changed so drastically that not only did I overcome anxiety that plagued me for life, but I have now reached a pretty decent version of a self I had only ever dreamed of.

I don't ask to cope with life anymore. I live it.

I don't react to it. I create it.

I no longer feel like a hapless billiard ball on the table being tossed around by anxiety. Now, I'm the player of my own life.

What happened and how did I do it?

I followed a clinically proven but highly counterintuitive psychological framework that gave me permission to shift my focus from useless mental management to life engagement. And it gave the tools and training on HOW TO DO THIS.

I created a 5-step model for my recovery that gave me results from the first day I started. Results until today, when I now help hundreds of other people suffering in the same way I did, overcome their anxiety and start buidling the best version of themselves.

Step 1.I discovered WHY I have anxiety.
- I tapped into my experience, did research, rejected chemical imbalance pitches and rejected anyone who told me there is no known cause of anxiety.

Step 2.I discovered HOW to break it
- Let’s face it. If overcoming fear was as easy as hearing the right message from the right person, we’d have no trouble right? It’s really about how to do it that matters in the end. I learned specific tools, skills and exercises to propel me forward.

Step 3.I wanted a kind of FORMULA I could apply to every kind of anxiety attack
- I needed a recovery model that could overcome any of the hundreds of triggers I had. I couldn't waste any more time and energy focusing on one fear at a time.

Step 4.I wanted to follow a COUNTERINTUITIVE approach
- After spending two decades seeing how conventional strategies of doctors, therapists and friends didn’t work, I was ready to abandon them and try something counterintuitive.

Step 5.I wanted SCIENCE and clinically proven results to bolster me
- I wanted to make sure what I was doing had been tested in a laboratory and clinically proven as effective.

Not only has this framework worked for me, but I now support people from all over the world recover from anxiety, when they say everything before has failed to help them.


"I've NEVER felt so releaved. Thank you for explaining the way anxiety, the subconscious mind and the amygdaloid work!"

"First I looked around on your website and read some articles. I couldn't help but become overwhelmed with emotion as I saw the very same stuff that's in my head jump out at me from your pages. I mean literally, some of the same exact things I say, feel or do related to my anxiety/panic. I knew I just struck "gold"! I ordered your course of 4 modules and just finished Module #1. After working on myself for over 20 years, I just had the largest emotional release I have ever felt in my entire life and it was "authentic" not mind driven, as my ego just loves to be involved. As I read through module one and completed the exercises, I wrote in my notebook as I had "ah ha" moments of recognition in my own behavior/actions/thoughts on what you were describing. It's as if I came face to face with my own self, could SEE it for what a destructive force it has been in my life, and I completely lost it in a river of tears. I mean I just totally busted all my self bullshit. The sense of RELIEF I felt from the understanding of what was happening to me is indescribable. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I can't wait to move on to the next modules!! You've given me hope and given me the tools to get my life back!!"

"Just to say, wow!, I found you by accident and it was like an epiphany. I have suffered with anxiety for about 30 years (I'm now 46). Although I have made a life for myself, happily married, 3 children, good job, anxiety has been a dark shadow over and behind everything. I've tried, over the years, psychologists, councillors, medication, religion, reading everything I can find, to no avail. In fact my last councillor even tried EMDR (the eye wobbling thing from PTSD) which just seemed to make things worse. My favourite book is by Dr Russ Harris, and is the basics of ACT, but even that didn't seem to help... until you. The way you put it across, to think "I hate this, but whatever", made everything click into place. I don't suppose I'm out of the woods 100% yet, but I now feel a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"I have seen doctors, psychologists, read a ton of self help books, but nothing has made more sense than the ideas that Namita is presenting here. It's like "Shit, this lady really f... gets me. She undertands the struggles, and yet doesn't give you the usual "think more positive and push the negative away", "it's hereditary" or my favorite of all, "just take this little pill when you are anxious". If you have been suffering from anxiety and you know deep down there has to be a way to deal with it, but you keep failing at it, give this a try."

If you too are tired of battling anxiety and not living your life, I invite you to:

This program shows you first, why, and then, how to stop fighting the rigged war against your own anxiety, and instead learn how to walk into the life you've been waiting for.

Your thinking mind will be trained to resist. I'm ready for your resistance, in fact I'll be waiting for it with open arms. This resistance comes from years of you believing and doing the things that logic and good sense tell you are normal, reasonable and dependable. But they're wrong, aren't they? If they could really fix your worries, then why haven't they?

This program presents to you an alternative perspective to anxiety - 'A Different Way'.

Anxiety could be not what you've been thinking it to be thus far. And if that turns out to be true, you'll obviously agree that different strategies are needed to overcome it.

'A Different Way' helps you to pull back the curtain on what you know hasn't worked for you. It will then introduce to you what does work. But it's not going to do that with my word, my command, or my claimed wisdom. You will experience the framework of this program, through a targeted, step-by-step structure, and practical exercises. After each set of readings and exercises, you will be asked to be honest with yourself about the results you see. Based on these results, you will have clarity on what to do next. You will then be given targeted tools to help you steer yourself in that direction - in the direction of your values and goals.


"From Day 1, I got succour. I have acted un-anxiously in the face of terror. I have made my wobbly legs walk, I have made my paralyzed mouth talk, I have forced food into my closed throat, I danced when my heart was pounding. It is Day 6 and my levels are very small and getting smaller. I now have self belief. I have returned to work after a month off. I took my daughter on a school trip, I went for a meal at times my feet were in treacle, but now it's better and the treacle is leaving. I can breath. My life is my choice, not anxiety’s. You have saved my life and given me the opportunity to parent and live well. Thank you is not enough but it is all I have."

"Literally changed my life and my entire way of thinking! Now whenever I have these old, annoying negative thoughts, your strategies have led me to develop a very calm and confident reaction to them, which has calmed my overactive amygdala! You really DID cure my anxiety that I was suffering from, for a long time, probably 4 years or more. I owe you my life! Thank you infinitely, for me to get back my normal life."

"It made me realize that the way I was approaching anxiety was completely unproductive. The way I was approaching anxiety was causing more anxiety. It's ok, I didn't know any better. Now I know how to work on retraining my agmydala."

"After reading your programme , I managed to take a flight to Turkey by myself in 10 years to see my family which gave me lots of confidence and hope!"




→ A simpler route to defining anxiety
→ Your thinking errors - Do you know what they are?
→ Dominant thinking errrors according to type of anxiety
→ Thinking errors in 'treatment' - making the same mistakes, again
→ The four litmus tests to use to check whether or not to be influenced by a thought
Anxiety Loops: How do you go down? Do you know how you become involved in your own anxiety? This is not a chemical in your brain doing this; it is you doing it, because of some wrong assumptions
→ The one line mantra to repeat "What does my my amygdala want?". Is this all you need to answer?
Exercises - "Create the Fear", "Bring Home the Hammock" and more..


Where do you want to go if anxiety wasn't there?
→ Do your destinations conflict? What do you pick when they do?
→ What you can really achieve in the next second, and what you can't. Do you get to choose?
→ Your mindsets, world views and expectations from life that you've decided get to dictate whether or not you feel comfortable with the world.
→ How to change Values
Exercises - Your '7-step' Value exercise


→ The design of the human mind: don't put impossible demands on it
Four functionalities of thought that lead to miracles outside, but also traps inside
→ When thinking itself is the biggest source of anxiety, can we rely on thinking to tackle thinking?
→ How much weight do we give to the role of thoughts in our life?
→ How to navigate anxious thoughts
Exercises - "Red Car", "Coffee Break", "Anxiety is Everything" and more...


→ Coming full circle to Module 1
How to break your Anxiety Loop
Where to break the Anxiety Loop
Where to focus your time and attention, when you're tempted to slip back into thought
Tools to target bodily disregulation
Exercises - Emotional Regulation & Distress Tolerance skills building

If you do this program correctly, you will be armored with tools, training and personal proof that will influence you for life. Not just for now, while you're struggling with this thing called "anxiety". But even for your journey going forward.

In fact, my clients tell me that this wasn't a course for them for just anxiety. It was a course on how to navigate life when your own mind is not fully on board. Who cares if we call that condition an anxiety, a depression or just a normal struggle with life that almost every human will eventually experience? What does matter is whether I have the training to deal with it. This program wants to give you that training.

Because life, as we have it, will continue to deliver its ebbs and flows to every single one of us. The difference this time on will be our ability, in fact maybe even our willingless, to participate in it fully and unconditionally. Yes, we can learn how to do it, despite everything we've been through.


"I loved your course. In truth, this wasn't just about anxiety but something bigger. It's helping me to evolve as a person and become more aware of who I am. I was left feeling very empowered to move forward in my life with some goals that I had been putting off. This course has allowed me to become more present and accepting of my mind. I'm no longer run by my mind and if I ever feel like I am, then I just go back to your modules. Namita, you are profound and beyond your time... You're kind and compassionate...I enjoyed all of my time with you... Every module you made was well organized and easy to understand. Thank you! "



Anxiety is a condition of pain, and one of the biggest sources of that is overwhelm. Your mind is trying to answer too much, in a scattered way, that is leading to more overwhelm. You don't need all the answers at the get-go even though your thinking mind says it does. The answers will come, but the very first thing you need to experience is Structure. You need to stop the anxiety overwhelm through steps, structure and exercises.

And so, this program is NOT like a therapy session where the plan for you is to just show up and start spitting it out for 45 minutes. There is an deliberate, intended structure to this program. You will receive a topic/module at a time, which are sequential steps towards the complete model/framework of recovery. You will take the steps, not all at once, but sequentially, because each step builds on the previous. After the completion of each step, we will check in on your experience and results in our personal sessions together.


You will experience the curriculum. There is no way around this. You will be asked to complete the exercises before each weekly private session with me, because we need your experience to admit what’s working (and what’s not) to decide what to do next. Exercises are simple and structured, and depending on the module, they will take between 2-15 minutes to complete


This is a 1:1 program. You will receive three (3) 50-minute private sessions with me. We will target your specific fears and triggers. We will check in on the results from your exercises of the prior week, and make a customized plan of what you’re going to focus on in the next week. Our 1:1 personal sessions are the core value of this program. The modules will provide you with the complete model of recovery, and the private sessions will make sure you know exactly how to apply the model to your own specific situations or triggers. *Sessions take play via Skype or phone (for USA/Canada clients).


"Module 4 was my favorite. It puts together very nicely the concepts from the previous modules, and then ties them to a new way of dealing with anxiety. One that is very simple to understand and makes complete sense."

"The Anxiety Loop material was extremely useful for me, to show how the same loops and behaviours emerge, even though the triggers and thoughts may be very different. It turns a potentially very disparate set of compulsions/behaviours into a single thing, namely how the Anxiety Model causes us problems and what we can do about that. "

"Really, really put my mind at ease, thank you. It really changed my perspective. I spend SO long analysing why I'm thinking about something and searching things online to back up the negative belief, but tonight I've found it a lot easier to just tell my brain "whatever" haha!"

"I prefer learning by doing, writing and practicing. So having examples and exercises helped me to better connect the concepts and ideas . My favorite exercises were writing down my core values and understanding my anxiety loop."

"Becoming aware of my "health" anxiety loop was very useful. (But all of the exercises were useful). "

"Excellent, a very clear break down, and clear understanding of the anxiety process, and why so many approaches don't work. You're right, too many well meaning therapists unfortunately imply to their clients they have faulty wiring, and perhaps leave them with a conclusion of hopelessness or self blame."

(...if you want, you can get the ADW written modules. )


"Your content is very good & exactly addresses the problems I faced & the points where I got stuck repeatedly. Very useful. Somehow I lost so many years of my life knocking on the wrong doors of people/doctors. You guide/provide intuitive and perfectly apt strategies to deal with the problem, with scientifically proven explanations. Your suggested ways of coming out of the problem make perfect sense and those which I have been practicing for quite some time now. THANK YOU so much. "

"Take the chance and explore Namita's program. Her way of approaching Anxiety is so simple yet it makes so much sense. You will be able to relate to the concepts and examples in her program. If you found her website, chances are that just like me, you were tired of not been able to get a hold of your anxiety . So hopefully you will take a chance like I did, read her articles and contact her. You'll be happy you did. Thank you Namita!"

" It was just great, it felt like I was talking to an old friend who was giving me simple/ down to earth/logical advice and perspectives."

"Very helpful way of looking at how to deal with anxiety. I feel this is a real breakthrough for me and has already made me feel a lot calmer. Thank you! "

"I deeply thank you.. You are amazing and blessed..My wife has the problem just a touch, but my son a little more.--You've helped me perfectly understand the problem and the subsequent addictions that may be formed---Thank you."

"That's it! The answer. Finally. Thanks Namita!"

"I wouldn't previously have said that I had either debilitating anxiety or OCD (not that labels matter, but...), but the exercises and material helped me understand how that was the case, and also what was happening to me and why. And how recovery wasn't really a case of getting more of a grip."

"I loved these sessions (if love is the right word to use regarding discussing difficult and painful feelings!) - it was so useful to be able to discuss my own situation and experiences, rather than just to have to try to adapt the material myself after the fact."

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