UNLEARNING ANXIETY is all about doing what it takes to be able to say:

"Yes, I used to have anxiety. I don't anymore."

If you have anxiety, you are incredibly smart. But your brain is tired, foggy, scattered and scared. You need a little help in sorting out your anxiety to be able to answer the question "What's really going on with me here?"

I help you do that using Science, Sensitivity and (common) Sense.

People, doctors & the internet spout endless, contradicting and confusing information about anxiety. What should I listen to? Does it have to be that complicated?

After years of sifting through treatments & doctors, I have found that cure & recovery can be simple.

You just have to be able to answer 4 questions:

Q1. What causes my anxiety?
A1. Six things working together

Q2. What cures my anxiety?
A2. One thing that you can & must do

Q3. If I know the cause & cure, why am I stuck?
A3. Rejecting Acceptance

Q4. Why do I forget everything?
A4. Amygdala symptoms hijack rationality


Anxiety Recovery takes commitment & practice. But once you're clear about how uncomplicated anxiety is, you are good to go.

You can unlearn your anxiety.
No matter what kind it is.
No matter how long you've had it.