If you have anxiety, you are incredibly smart.

But your brain is tired, foggy and scared. You need a little help in sorting out your anxiety to be able to answer the question "What's really going on with me here?"

People, doctors & the internet spout endless, contradicting and confusing information about anxiety. Who should I listen to? Does it have to be that complicated?

After years of sifting through treatments & doctors, I have found that cure & recovery can be simple. Start with:

"The #1 thing to Stop Doing for Your Anxiety"



"Literally changed my life and my entire way of thinking!"

"Your strategies have led me to develop a very calm and confident reaction to anxiety."

" Thanks for this tool. I want you to know it IS WORKING."

"Your view on helping/solving anxiety is unique and helpful. Thank you for helping a lot of people get their life back."

"You really did cure my anxiety that I was suffering from for a long time, probably 4 years or more. I owe you my life."

"I feel this is a real breakthrough for me."

"Really relieved at the fact that there is a real understanding of this Anxiety thing."

"Thank you so much for your profound insight into this soul crushing cycle."


Hi, I'm Namita. An Anxiety Coach who helps people win from anxiety when everything before hasn't worked. 

My work follows the perspective that using the mind to problem-solve emotional pain cannot work. Counterintuitively, the solution lies in learning (first) why and (then) how to walk away from it. 

Many of my clients tell me I've given them another shot. At not just living, but living respectfully. Really, there should be no other goal.



Revolutionary shifts in understanding anxiety. Start with these 7 questions that you need answered right away



Target your specific fears and breakdowns